Think of certain countries, regions, or associations that are reaching out for peace, find and read ten articles about them. Share them on our MANNAM Facebook page and write suggestions for everyone.

The Declaration of World Peace

The Heavens and the Earth formed by the hands of the Creator have been given to humanity as an inheritance. In all the universe, life in its vast splendour exists only on our world. The life that grows on the earth is sustained from above – by light, by the rain, and by the air … Continue reading

MANNAM Plant trees

MANNAM Volunteers went to the Nanji park for planting trees on May 18th. We regularly serve the planting of trees for the environment beautification.


He also said, “As the light, rain, and air of heaven give life to all creation, let us love this world. Love will achieve world peace and restoration.” Representative Nam Hee Kim of MANNAM Volunteer Association said, “Mannam learned the true meaning of volunteerism and self-sacrifice through the Honorary Chairman and is putting this into … Continue reading

Mannam World Peace

  We, MANNAM International Volunteer association members are here to make WORLD PEACE. To achieve world peace, we should be one, so that we can gather our thoughts and power. To gather our thoughts, we should share each other’s light, the culture. Not only sharing can make world peace, but we should try to understand … Continue reading

what is MIYC?

It is a youth coalition gathered from all over the world. People, especially youth has gathered as MIYC to unite people across borders, cultures, languages and races. As we are international groups, we respect for the diversity of humanity. By respecting each other’s culture, we can understand and get together to be the one. After … Continue reading